Jewellery & Gifts
from faraway travels


Bringing beautiful treasures
from the world to you

Wandering through narrow lanes and market stalls around the world can uncover some of the most beautifully-crafted items.

I collect jewellery, gifts and homewares from the places i go on my travels, to share with you in Australia.

from Evie

lover of travel, culture and fine wares

Authentic artisan products

We seek out handmade items crafted by local artisans.

Hand-selected and curated

Selected from thousands for craftsmanship and beauty.

For purchase in Australia

Sold via social media and in exclusive pop-up shops.


Unique finds
from worldwide destinations

We take the road less travelled to discover some of the most authentic local and cultural products from the places we go.










Places I Go: Rich culture and tradition

Rich culture and tradition
for modern Australian living

Our treasures each have a story to tell.
In most cases, they have been crafted by hand – sometimes as we watched.

All our jewellery, fashion and homewares are selected to fit beautifully into a modern Australian lifestyle.

“Evie’s pieces are unique and beautiful. She really brings the heart of countries she visits home with the homewares she curates.” – Megan

The ‘Places I Go’ Story:
How it all began

I’ve always loved to travel.
It’s a chance to explore new cultures and discover gorgeous local goods which you can’t find anywhere else. I love to bring back souvenirs from the places I go.

But instead of a trinket from a tourist shop, I prefer to collect unique, hand-crafted items that I will treasure for the long term.

These are quality goods, hand-made by artisans in their home countries. Not only am I able to appreciate these items every day, but I’m supporting the local craftspeople who made them.

My friends and family would admire these treasures. They’d see my intricate Vietnamese necklace, or my striking Mexican floor rug – and they would put in requests for my next trip.

As I brought more and more treasures home for family and friends, I realised there was a real interest in what I was doing – sharing the treasures of faraway places with my local community.

It was with great encouragement from my husband, family and friends that Places I Go was born – and with their great support (and carrying of shopping) that we continue today.

Evie, Founder of Places I Go

Evie, Founder of Places I Go

How to shop
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